Day 29… A fine line between Brilliance and Insanity?

Life, like the practice of martial arts, requires focus to be successful.  Today I heard a speaker say that it takes more than that… that to be wildly successful, to be considered “one of the best” in any of life’s endeavors we need to take things to a whole new level.  We need to be “slightly insane”!

The speaker, Thomas Myers (no relation!), was talking about learning from the best and what it takes to become the best in your field of study.  I knew when I heard his words that I had heard them before, applied to being a martial arts instructor.  It did not take me long to recall where… Kyoshi Kovar’s thoughts on how to inspire students.  I have had the honor of learning the art of instruction from Kyoshi Kovar and one thing has always struck me about him, his complete and consuming passion for what he does!  He embodies the idea of being “slightly insane” in his pursuit of creating better martial artists and instructors.

Kyoshi Kovar speaks of being “magnificently obsessed” with your students and their practice.  This level of care and focus can often lead an instructor to say and do things that seem “slightly crazy” and abnormal to the casual observer.  That is the difference between a good martial artist and a great one, an adequate instructor and a truly brilliant instructor… the ability to see past the “normal” and focus their mind and spirit in such a way that while seemingly “odd” the outcome is always “wildly effective”.

This is true in both martial arts an life.  Those who are willing to focus, to be considered a bit “outside the normal”, are the people who will see the greatest success!  Go be brilliant!! Don’t worry if others tell you you are crazy… they are only pointing out you are the path to success!

Mr. Myers


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