November is a month of THANKS at Pilsung!

To follow up on the month of Citizenship (October) and the Acts of Kindness being done in our community, we are working hard to acknowledge all that is done for us every day.

This month the students at Pilsung will be taught multiple ways to show their GRATITUDE for all that is done for them in their lives.  Pilsung Instructors will be taking a few minutes in each class to discuss Gratitude and how to show that you are thankful for all that you have and all that is done by others to help you.  Two of the most powerful words in any language are “Thank You”…

どうも  ありがとう – danke schön –  謝謝 – Merci Beaucoup – 감사합니다 – Muchas gracias – спасибо

IMG00042Even more powerful than the words are the actions that show our gratitude!  Make sure you match words and actions this month as you show your gratitude for all that is done to help you!

As part of the lesson this month we are having students bring in pictures of things they are grateful for and post them on our “Gratitude Poster”.  they are also encouraged to write down items of thanks on “leaves” and add them to the poster. 



Mr. Myers


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